Edit: Remove incentives from the website for the TBTC+ETH Uniswap Pool and Reduce incentives in the KEEP+ETH Uniswap Pool

Uniswap | TBTC + ETH Incentives

Right now there’s about 300 ETH and 20 TBTC in this Uniswap pool (~2.5M USD of liquidity). Since we are trying to encourage migration to tBTC v2, it seems like a no brainer that we shouldn’t incentivize this pool.

EDIT: Just now remembering we already voted on this:

However, the pool remains on the website (see above). We should change this to an advertisement for the KEEP coverage pools.

Uniswap | KEEP + ETH Incentives

I think the KEEP + ETH pool has too many subsidized. I don’t think we should remove all the rewards from the pool, but given that the liquidity is ~USD 14M, I think we could start to reduce the rewards (at least below 100%).

My recommendation is that we:
(1) Reduce the incentives to ~75% APY, and
(2) Reallocate those incentives to the KEEP coverage pools to help direct liquidity towards the pools to help bootstrap them.


agreed these should be saved for better usage, but wasn’t this already agreed as mentioned above?

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Looks sensible to me.

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Agree and support this proposal !

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I agree and support, as well.

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Is it possible to unstake my LP tokens? The withdrawal button is disabled in the last few days