Monitor Partnership – Forta Network

Hi Keep Community - Ivan from Forta here! Forta is a decentralized, smart contract security network incubated by OpenZeppelin. A good analogy for Forta is the “security cameras and alarm system for DeFi”. Protocols like MakerDAO, Yearn, Instadapp, LIDO and others are using Forta to monitor system-critical aspects of their protocol.

Forta has two components: Agents and Nodes. Any developer can write an agent (aka script) and publish it on the network. Nodes run all published scripts against blocks of transactions, and emit public alerts. For example, a simple agent could monitor for Ethereum transactions with gas use above 100,000 gwei. When a node runs the script against a mined block of transactions, if any transaction has gas use above 100,000 gwei, the network will emit a public alert. A more complicated agent may be monitoring a bridge contract, specifically the lock and unlock amounts on both sides of the bridge to ensure they are always in sync.

Here’s a curated list of recent Forta alerts

Here’s a partial list of protocols currently being monitored by Forta -

Our proposal - If Keep would like Forta coverage, we are willing to subsidize 50% of the cost of using an experienced developer team in the Forta community to write the agents based on Keep’s requirements. Keep can fund the remainder with a token grant (in stablecoins or KEEP). As an additional data point, grant amounts have ranged from $5k-$30k (depending on the scope and complexity of the agents).

Also, if the Keep core team is interested in developing and publishing agents directly, they can do that also.

We look forward to hearing feedback from the Keep team and community!