Proposal: Amendment to reimburse failed mint tx fees

I propose an amendment to reimburse users transaction fees for failed deposits due to tbtc system issues.

The tBTC architecture means tbtc minting is fairly costly. In certain circumstances, end users can attempt to mint tbtc, but have that fail, due to no fault of their own.

  1. The signing nodes can fail to complete the setup process, aka - “Signer Setup Failed” AllTheKeeps. The ned user then needs to attempt another deposit.

  2. A user can go start a deposit, but have the systems state change before their tx is mined, causing an out of gas failure. (Errors, not warnings)

This can cost an end user anywhere from $100 to even $1k or more in gas.

I suggest we vote on this as a separate amendment to whichever proposal passes. I expect this to be a fairly small percentage of our overall distribution, but meaningful to end users.