Team Keanu execution details

It could be worth discussing what the practical details of Team Keanu shipping TBTC v2 might look like given that the proposals before both communities are currently for the two teams to remain independent.

And while both dev teams will remain independent, we’ll all be focused on a single protocol.

Given the complexity of threshold encryption networks, would it make sense to form a Tiger Team from both projects tasked with shipping TBTC v2? No doubt there will be other work required for the maintenance of the existing networks.

@maclane and @mhluongo I would be keen to hear your thoughts?

When I was at the Discovery Channel my team got spun out with a $100M investment and merged with 3 other companies. I found that communication overheads where lower and code got shipped fastest when new teams with knowledge of all the systems involved where formed.

In an ideal world it would be great to see at a high level

  1. What are the order of events to design, review, build, test and deploy TBTC v2 and what are the resources required to do that.
  2. What integrations will be needed to build out the utility of TBTC v2 (i.e. proposals on Aave, Curve, CREAM, etc) and who will do it.
  3. How will v2 be marketed.
  4. Regular progress updates from a PM to the community.